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Motorcycling is not something you do alone, it is a lifestyle that you share with others.

If you are still at the beginning of your motorcycle career, the Learn to Ride Family is also there for you.

DaThat's why you can now start with one with us in LelystadFREE TRIAL CLASS. 

Just as a motorcycle must be properly tested, you should also be able to see without obligation whether this life is for you. 

Our motto is lessons with a big smile, when will you try it out?


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Trial lesson always free

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Motorcycle instructors specialized in Fear of Failure 

With us you can experience motorcycling for free, even if you don't continue.

There are three motorcycle instructors available every week, who specialize in fear of failure. 

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We now offer our new motorcycle students a starter package for 799.00 euros.

Ppackage includes 10 hours of driving lessons plus AVB and AVD exams.

We always follow by motorcycle

You learn to ride a motorcycle on a motorcycle. That is why our instructors always follow with their motorcycle, regardless of the weather.  

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A driver's license delivered to your needs

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Lowered motorcyles available and all categories 

No student is the same, so everyone is helped at their level. Where one person gets his driver's license within two weeks. Let's work a little longer with the other. But our goal is to make the training as smooth and cheap as possible. 

We have lowered motorcycles for short legs, so that everyone can learn to ride a motorcycle. 

We also offer lessons for categories A2, A code 80 and full A. 

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Plan your driving lessons online yourself

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You can plan your lessons yourself in our online planning system. Do you have a changing schedule and planning is difficult? Then we are happy to help you. 

Motorcycle clothing available to borrow 

Our instructors ride under the Alpinestars brand, so do our students. 

Motorcycle driving lessons in Almere at Learn to Ride driving school

Looking for a motorcycle driving school in Almere that will make you a real motorcyclist? Then call now to make an appointment for a free trial lesson to experience the freedom for yourself. Teaching with a smile is not all that matters. In addition to fun on the motorcycle and high-quality driving lessons, we also take care of your wallet.

In addition to this great offer, we also offer our customers the option to pay in installments.

On the one hand, I'm sad that I'm done with lessons!

You will immediately feel at home at Learn to Ride. Besides the nice atmosphere, you will also receive good tips and tricks. You will be taught by three instructors who all have a lot of experience and can clearly understand what you are up against.

You will receive a good realistic estimate of how many lessons you will need to take. Your lessons can easily be planned via the app. 

The remaining hours will be neatly refunded to your account. I can recommend everyone to take lessons at Learn to Ride.


What our customers say:

Nice people with expertise and always honest! Definitely the best driving school in the country! Informative lessons where fun is also important. 

Robert Jan

Patient and pleasant instructors. I had a lot of fun during the lessons. It's like one big family and I feel very much at home there. Thank you. Keep it up buddy


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